Passion for the trail

My true passion for the trail began with the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure, which I bought in 2007. For a few years I lived in a privileged area close to the natural parks of Montnegre and the Monsteny, in Catalonia. There could enjoy the Red Zebra, my R 1200 GS Adventure, both in asphalt, great twisty roads, as overland, rolling on tracks surrounded by fabulous landscapes.

Every time I enjoyed more than go on bike through the countryside and soon started some travels in Morocco, in which alternating land and road. The same passion I launched to continue traveling to the African continent to reach at the end of the needles, the point most South Africa.

After three months returned from that trip transafricano, Simona and I decided to go for a time to the Erg Chebbi, in the Moroccan Sahara. We did the “moving” with the Red Zebra, who accompanied us in the desert during the first three years.

The sand and the dunes

Driving a motorcycle for sand and the dunes need lots of practice. The technique is very important, but also a good physical form will help us tired less and to reduce errors.

The weight of the bike helps make it more or less easy to overcome rivers of sand and surf the dunes. If we have to raise a 250 Kg bike several times, our energy will be affected and, if we do not watch with water, we deshidrataremos us easily.

The BMW F 800 GS is a step forward

The F 800 GS is a lighter than its sister bike, the R 1200 GS to. They are completely different motorcycle. The 800 GS is a bike more manageable, also very powerful and also with very good qualities for use in off road, with a lot of possibilities to adapt to the type of driving that we prefer.

One of the virtues of this two-cylinder is its versatility, but if what we want is a more focused bike to the field, the F800GS is customizable with most suitable components for a practical enduro / raid, for example, that will increase the mechanical reliability and enjoy off-road driving safer.

Great qualities

  • Sporty and compact appearance.
  • Good design.
  • Good weight/performance ratio.
  • Reliability.
  • Elastic and powerful engine.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Chain drive, allowing you to play with the developments for a better response according to the type of driving.
  • Inverted fork. The original is not adjustable, but it is possible to improve it with cartridges and springs that will completely change the behaviour of the bike both on track.
  • Front wheel 21 ” most appropriate for use off road, although it defends very well on mountain roads.
  • Different types of seat available: rally-type, more ups, downs and widths for long trips.
  • Good load capacity.