Two stages with mud, Trialeras and navigation

In the morning storm was ready. The night before we arrived in time to pass the administrative and technical verifications without problems.

It was Saturday, the first stage of the test, and the sky was pretty clear and the perfect temperature for a offroad day. The tour was very enduring in some sections, with Trialeras of stone that make you keep the concentration without lowering the guard. In the afternoon the rain began which would not leave us for the rest of the weekend. Really the rain complicated some sections. You had to go with special care with the wet rock and the deep ruts on the slopes.

After all the night raining, the second stage promised to be complicated by the evidence of the mud. As soon as we start we find a very slippery steep drop. The more than two hundred kilos of storm kept me in tension for a long time, its inertia was relentless and to go from braking was supposed to get into trouble.

The atmosphere in Portugal is always amazing. The passion that the organization conveys is authentic, as well as that of the participants, not only Portuguese, who came from different European countries, even from South Africa. This national championship sailing test is perfect for first-line pilots like Paulo Gonçalves, one of the world's best rally pilots.

At the end of the test, full of difficulties for me, I received a trophy as a second classified from the Maxi-Trail category.

The experience was so positive that I have already signed up to the Rally of Maçao, in the center of Portugal, which I attended last year and in which finished as first classified of the category Hobby Trail.

With the winner of the category Hobby Trail, Rui Gonçalo Marques, and Claudia, of the Organization