135 km in total. 20 km from link and 115 special.

Stage 1 Afriquia map Merzouga Dakar Rally Series 2016

This is a rally where the navigation is really complicated. For me it is not a good choice to leave behind other participants, following them, without reading the roadbook. There are areas in which I have it to take easy if I don’t have a drop and I have to go at my own pace. In fact, I fell and hurt me does not fit into plans. I am not going to take risks that can cause harm to me or the bike. Even so, travel is so demanding must be applied well so there are no mishaps.

The special is very complete. Track, dry with sand and stone, and dunes right at the start.

Output stage 1

Navigation with Roadbook

I’ll follow the roadbook perfectly and I feel comfortable. The BMW F 800 GS sounds better than ever and we move at our own pace. On a fast track, but that danger is marked in the roadbook, a buggy I advances at full speed to which happens a bike that goes virtually glued to it and eating its dust trail. The buggy goes smoothly through two large potholes, but the bike, that neither realizes the danger, jumps into the air. I stop to help the pilot, which rises stunned and reeling. It is somewhat dizzy, has hurt in the hand and one side hurts. The hand is very swollen. I give two anti-inflammatory. Your roadbook has been shattered.

Stage 1 - Roadbook


“Hello, my name is Sunday and have to do me a favor. I can not continue without roadbook. Could you guide me the rest of the stage? “.” “Yes, clear”, I replied. For me was a kind of challenge, and a responsibility, go ahead according to the roadbook without losing me. I knew that Sunday was holding as she could and there was no question of committing errors that we delayed.

We were able to start the bike on Sunday and keep the two together to a place of refreshment, about 50 kilometers. There began a stretch of 25 km of dunes and Sunday, reluctantly, take the right decision to go directly to the bivouac.

It was two o’clock in the afternoon, it was about 45 degrees and with the Sun so high is very difficult to navigate through the dunes. I knew that it wouldn’t be easy, but it was very good and wanted to do it.

PC3 (checkpoint 3) I’m at two “Indian” of the Organization, who are pilots with bikes in enduro that they control the race from the inside. They tell me to follow them. In the dunes, I need to go at my pace and passing by the site that seems better to me. It was a mistake to follow them. The visibility was very bad and I had two falls which, although meaningless, did me see that it was best to reserve my energy for the next stage, which would be long and promised to be tough.

I was very happy with the navigation today, so we go through the river of sand to the bivouac.

Stage 1 - maintenance

Dedicated to Ricky Godoy, a friend who went to the other dimension now already two years ago.