317 km in total. Two links to 92-75 Km. A special 150 km.

Stage 2 Afriquia Merzouga Dakar Rally Series 2016

Sailing well

It is a very long stage and again have many rivers with sand and stone. Navigation is complex. Stagger on a couple of occasions without losing me, so it came at the end of stage having performed a perfect navigation. I am really happy, since I practically do the stage alone, without following anyone. This navigation with roadbook is liking me really.

While I wait for the departure of the special, a type gives me a few back slaps and then shows me her thumb held high, at the same time that nods showcasing a complicit smile. It is David Casteau, the well-known French Dakar and a myth of this sport. It is now the technical director of the Sherco Racing team. I remove the helmet and I will greet him. “What you’ve chosen the BMW F 800 GS to participate in this rally?”, asks me. What I say: “David, is the bike that I use regularly in the desert”. Smiles and puts a finger in the temple while I said laughing: “Tu es fou!” Your est fou!” (“You’re crazy!”). A sympathetic type this David. He dismisses me wishing me luck and warning me that I will have a very hard stage because, among other difficulties, the tracks have many stone. I’m beginning to think that, really, I’m really in a mess. Ja ja ja ja ja!

There is no pilot that not a few seconds stare into storm. No because you think that it is pretty, and someone else because it will think that it is a challenge to do this rally with a bike trail. Absolutely everyone, regardless of what you think, I are encouraged to take this crusade until the end.


The largest of a heavy bike handicap is that you should always go to light rhythm in stretches of sand and gravel. The complexity is compounded when there are dozens of ruts from the other participants. I try to find “unspoiled” stretches but sometimes it is impossible to follow the shot, by taking strong, without loosening the gas and supporting the strong shaking of the bike. A bike for enduro light is much smaller, but with a an F800GS of 215 Kg, must activate chip bottom runner to not falter and get to the end.


And after completing the special we have a trialera of descent. I’m going slowly and gradually strong steps and rocks. A fall in this area and would have many problems. The weakest part of the F 800 GS is the radiator, which is anchored with plastic supports. With defective radiator, high temperatures that we are, not would advance or 100 meters that would be fried motor. Fortunately everything went well and I got to the end of the trialera without major problems.


In the bivouac

In the afternoon, in the bivouac, I begin to notice the tiredness. It was a stage that has required a constant concentration. Failure to follow well the roadbook is risky and can lead to many problems, such as an accident or suffer dehydration if we are long lost and without water.

So far everything is marching pretty well but obviously I can not trust. Tomorrow starts the stage Marathon, and insurance that will be very hard.

Waiting for the exit