The next day pick up my new partner, ‘Storm’, dealer BMW, in Barcelona, left in the morning towards Italy. My destination was Ferrara, where is located the headquarters of Twalcom, the Italian brand of accessories and preparations rally.

Makes a great day to ride a bike, so I think I will make him a good premiere. I give the contact, pulse start button and starts the opera prima of the F 800 GS. I am aware that I have to do I still with her and that it is not the same as what was the Red Zebra, my R 1200 GS Adventure.


The position in the F 800 GS is natural and comfortable, but for which we have the ‘legs’ a wider footboard can be improved with a higher seat, in this case the ‘Rally’ of BMW seat, and, if we use boots of enduro, modify the position of the gear shift.

The handlebar is wide and I am comfortable with it from the first moment. Driving by camp and go on foot, I’ll have to resort to some increases in handle so you don’t have to go so cramped.

On road

You might think that 21 “front wheel is not as effective on road, but anytime I notice that I have absolute control in curves, both at the entrance and by giving gas at the exit. The upside down fork gives me information on the ground that I was not the R 1200 GSA, although going the Telelever that succeeds in making you a person of faith as well. The type of suspension of the F 800 GS was one of the elements needed in my new mount. Simply I love, but I have to anticipate and dose so that the fork does not sink too much braking. As it comes with a fixed tare and driving through the desert is very demanding, I will improve their behavior with some adjustable cartridges and a few Springs more suited to the demands of day to day on hard tracks of Morocco.

Shooting 1,000 km

The shooting is something that needs to be done well. This may depend on the good health of the engine with the passage of the kilometers. As the journey is everything on main and secondary roads, it will help me to not spend with the throttle. Equally, this bike goes so well on carts of mountain, without realizing I’m going lightening pace gradually and naturally, although I try to not pass the 100 km/h. This bike is charming to me, it’s fun!

First night together

As I have emerged rather late from Barcelona, has made for me at night and I have stopped to drink in a French village, near Italy, for then look for a site where plant store and rest. He yearned to sleep in my Redverz shop. Storm has rested in his new room and liked that living in the countryside.

The next day the way I continue and with both entertain me for the beautiful roads of France, came at night to Ferrara. Mario, my friend and owner of Twalcom, has prepared me a room in your home. His family is sleeping less him, waiting for me. They are almost two in the morning.

7 we are standing to get down to work with storm. Below I list the different works.

-The BMW F 800 GS of the 2013/15 are equipped with WP suspension of 65 mm. Mario has prepared me a BMW original fork, has anodized it in black and has installed adjustable cartridges Andreani. The original rear suspension find it well and I want to see how it performs in Morocco.

-Raise front fender. A good invention so that the wheel is locked through the dense mud.
-20 mm handlebar hikes
-Foldable mirrors.
-Footrest rally.
-Motor Raid, aluminium guard.
-Substitution of side by one of aluminium plastic shields. In addition to protecting, they contribute to a better cooling and are very showy.
-Exhaust QD, lighter, with a strong sound, and cheers a little more engine of the bike.
-Installation of the wiring of the navigation instruments (ICO, porta-roadbook, switch LED probe porta-roadbook and controls). This is what has brought us more work.
-Support and Platform for navigation instruments: ICO Rally Max and porta-roadbook Migtec.
-Sponge-UniFilter air filter and greased with oil. Living in an area with much dust, sponge filter should be more effective, but you should review it frequently, can clean and re-let operating impregnating it with oil again.
-Metal reinforcement of the radiator. In the event of a bad fall radiator would remain in place.
-Rear brake caliper protector.
-Hand guards BMW. Robust and unobtrusive.
-Flashing LED BMW. Much more beautiful than the traditional indicators.


Every time I want more the topic of navigation with the roadbook and South of Morocco is a place that lends itself to this practice. The solution that we have installed on the bike, consisting of the basic instrumentation necessary for this task, is completely modular and are can be easily assembled and disassembled.

Wheels and transmission

We have prepared another set of wheels, with somewhat different from the original measures. It’s reinforced rings and spokes that better resist the possible ‘llantazos’. Mount brake discs and phonic new.

-Reinforced front wheel DID 1, 85 × 21
-Reinforced rear wheel DID 2, 50 × 18

Using an 18-inch rear wheel, we will also reduce development with 15 tooth sprocket and a Crown of 43, to compensate for the departure of the bike.

First phase completed
There are still details to be storm at the optimum point for desert. The hardest work is done, so now is the time to test the bike, enjoy it and analyze its behavior on the slopes and dunes of the South of Morocco.

At the moment I need to shoot more and more with storm and go catching experience with her. In the upcoming writings to this blog for the News from BMW, I’ll be explaining feelings and operating the motorcycle in his new home of Erg Chebbi.