Having storm with the current equipment, has not been an easy task. When I look at it, drool, I realize all the work that brings to leave as I think. Starting with the lightning trip to the headquarters of Twalcom, in Italy, in where I expected Mario Bergamini with everything ready for a first and important phase of modifications to the BMW F 800 GS. After a storm arrived at his new home in Merzouga, the management of their improvements became a lengthy process, which is still, requiring a huge dose of patience.

And it is to be able to carry out this project, I need the help of many people. For example, the new complete set of wheels brought me the pilot Joan Pedrero, together to the great Pedro mechanic, in his van, taking advantage of that you traveling to the desert to make their last training before the Dakar. Super seat BMW Rally, traveled from Barcelona to Ferrara, thanks to Gonzalo Fontcuberta, Control94 dealer, who dealt with the logistics. From there he traveled to the offices of seal Dalla Valle, to make him a new upholstered in red, made with the best materials. Then departed from the offices of Twalcom in Barcelona and received it my friend Pau Vidal, who in turn sent it to Almeria to make an Intercontinental Rally support truck deliver it me, almost to the door of House. Isn’t bad, right?

Purpose of improvements

The objective of the project storm is the ensure an optimized F 800 GS to endure, with certain guarantees, the particular day to day on the hard ground of the desert of Morocco. That does not mean that we we will get the BMW F 800 GS perfect, but a bike adapted to their environment of action, developing it step by step, on the ground.

In addition to technical amendments to improve the behavior of storm in the sand, also we have incorporated the necessary instruments for navigation with the roadbook. So we have done all the wiring needed to have all the devices connected to the battery, and also probe the tripmaster, front wheel, and thus be able to post kilometers with precision.

The basic instruments for navigation with roadbook, used in the majority of rallies, are: porta-electrical roadbook, GPS and tripmaster. In other rallies, as the Merzouga Rally or the Dakar, the requirements are broader, so it will require a more complex configuration. Storm would also be prepared for those requirements.

Navigation instruments

The porta-roadbook, we can accommodate a route book on paper, usually far A5 wide. Once installed the roll, which includes all the pages, we can move forward and backward directions.

The tripmaster allows you to keep track of the total and partial, adjustable kilometers through a control placed on the handlebar, so these data fit with the information shown in the roadbook. This unit also advises speed, maximum speed and the total time from the start.

GPS helps us to learn about our current course and will also help us reach the direction in which indicate us the directions of the roadbook. In addition, other information that can be represented in this role are the coordinates, which are intended to warn the pilot if it continues or not on the right track.

Navigate the desert with roadbook is an exciting experience. Sometimes, lack of references, as in the dunes, forcing sailing directions and without any other indication. That forces the pilot to remember where it is going and where it must go. Satisfaction is highest when it manages to reach the goal.